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The user experience research carried out by EPSP established that the Phones against Corruption service is working well and providing a useful service. Those users who provided feedback suggested that generally the service is both easy and quick to use. Most respondents suggested that they would be willing to use the SMS service again (90%, n=41). The confidence level regarding follow-up action by authorities was reasonably high, with three-quarters of respondents (76%, n=41) suggesting that they were confident that action would be taken by the relevant authorities, in relation to their corruption report. DoF officers in four focus groups suggested that the initiative should be replicated to other government agencies/departments progressively. Focus group participants were generally not favorably disposed to the idea of opening up the initiative to members of the public yet. Overall, the feeling was that the service is useful but that it needs to be promoted more amongst DoF staff at all levels, in particular at district treasuries. A key focus group was undertaken with IACD staff members, to allow them to talk honestly and anonymously about their experiences handling the incoming text messages. IACD staff expressed concerns about the amount of additional resources required to deal with reports coming in through the Phones against Corruption service and suggested that negotiations would need to take place with other government agencies before the service could be offered to staff of those agencies.

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