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Dr. Ken Ngangan, Secretary of Finance

“We as Department of Finance are accountable for public money that is going to the different sectors, provinces and districts, and this initiative will help us, at least, to minimize the risk of corruption in the management of public funds”

The Department of Finance has a very important role to play in supporting the Government of Papua New Guinea deliver improved services to every Province and District throughout Papua New Guinea.  2013 is the “Year of Implementation”. 

This new Department of Finance Website will enable the Department to communicate directly to its staff, to other Government Departments and Agencies, and to the people of Papua New Guinea.  We have staff in every Province and District. Read More


Through this Website everyone will be able to access information on the Department’s activities, including progress on its High Impact Projects for 2013, financial information, policies and procedures, and the latest news on matters affecting the Department and the people it supports.


I commend the work of the Team that put the Website together, and we look forward to improving and expanding it in the future.


Steven Gibson



Department of Finance

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